Making Residents Feel At Home.



The Opportunity. 

Provide a COMPETITIVE DIGITAL-EDGE  for a relative newcomer to the rental-home industry. 

The Challenge.

Drive RETENTION & LOYALTY while ensuring an ONGOING PIPELINE for over 9,000 rental homes nationwide. 

The Solution.

Build digital expertise, FROM THE OUTSIDE, IN. To do so, Friday's REACH, RESPOND, RETAIN, RENEW methodology was leveraged, which included: 

  • Taking on management & maintenance of ARP's digital channels
  • Execution of our proprietary DIGITAL FOUNDATION strategy, ensuring that all of ARP's digital channels were equally optimized as retention & revenue streams 
  • Targeting ARP'S REGIONAL HUBS, to ensure content was reaching the right audiences
  • Implementing our RESPONSE-IN-A-BOX TOOLKIT, enabling ARP to manage & effectively respond on myriad reviews & ratings channels
  • Providing a 12-month CROSS-DEPARTMENTAL DIGITAL ROADMAP for ARP to leverage in preparation for expansion into new regions & growth in residents & staff 

Platforms & Expertise Included:

  • YARDI Usability & Feature integation
  • MOBILE Optimization 
  • CONTENT, COPY, CREATIVE Direction & Implementation
  • EMAIL (Constant Contact & Outlook) 
  • SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+)
  • RATINGS & REVIEWS: Yelp & Google Plus/Ratings
  • SURVEYS: New & Current Residents
  • SEO/SEM Optimization

The Outcome.

In just FOUR months:

  • 264% increase in resident email opens
  • 388% increase in average daily Facebook reach
  • 290% increase in weekly average engaged Facebook users
  • 350% increase in total star ratings on Yelp & Google
  • 70% increase in positive reviews surfaced on *Google & Yelp
  • 418% increase in resident email click-throughs

*Results may shift from time of capture due to channel algorithms.