Great Products for the Great Lakes. 



The Opportunity.

A singular MADE IN DETROIT, INLAND PADDLEBOARD BRAND looking to find their voice in the digital space. 

The Challenge.

Compete with known big-box retailers & coastal brands supplying "all purpose" paddleboards. 

The Solution.

GO EXTREMELY HARD, & GO "HOME."  Friday Digital worked with Green Veil's founders to ensure that their digital channels embody their own personalities: EXTREMELY LOCAL-LOYAL, intelligent, witty, & 150% invested in INLAND-LAKE paddleboarding. 

Efforts included: 

  • INDUSTRY ANALYSIS: Competitive & corollary analysis of relevant brands on digital channels
  • BRAND STRATEGY: New tagline, color palette & alignment to paddle boarding community
  • CONTENT WRITING: Underscoring inherent brand attitudes, locale, expertise, & engineering 
  • SEO: Optimization of local & broad key phrases to ensure top organic search results
  • IA OVERHAUL:  Of current website to improve usability
  • HOLIDAY 2015 & 2016 SEASON PLANNING: Digital "get aheads," providing a competitive roadmap for this year's holiday season & ramp-up to next year's paddleboard season