(We Call it Quiet Tenacity.)

Founded & formalized by Jordan Lynne , Friday Digital Group is small collective of tried-and-true expert digital talent providing digital channel creation, optimization, management & coaching tailored to the unique needs of terrific companies and brands in the Retail, HospitalitySports & Entertainment, Health Care, Finance & Non-Profit industries nationwide. 


with the occasional UNEXPECTED PITCH.

Be prepared for the unvarnished truth. No magic curtains, no hidden tricks, no fairy dust. We discover, we share, we collaborate & then we act, at whatever level of visibility our clients choose. 

Every digital effort should result in measurable revenue.

What the best do differently: They listen to the crowd, yet tune out the noise. Thats FDG.



Whether we pinch hit or cover all of the bases, our clients' privacy is our first concern. We can work in the background, we can be your go-to, or we can be up-front with your team, leadership, or vendors.

you get the pro team. 

Our expertise is a rare blend of expert agency and client-side experience. We've weeded out  several levels of Account Management, Interns, and Junior participants. There is no "B" team, or worse, the "C" team, ever. 

Less overhead than a larger digital agency, broader range than a single-skill vendor & able to provide a quick-turn digital foundation for companies of any size, and teams at every level. In the background, or front-and-center. That's Friday Digital.